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Make every meeting
interactive with real-time Q&A

Dory ensures everyone gets heard — with interactive Q&As, live polling, real-time voting and more.

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Engage with your audience to get feedback or gauge interest with our suite of interactive features

Interactive Q&A

Example of a Q&A section in the Dory app

Know what your attendees really want answered by having them upvote questions.

Curate submissions by removing off-topic questions and pinning the important ones.


Example of a Polls section in the Dory app

Create and share polls to break the ice, collect ideas or to just play fun games. Show results live!

Anonymous posts

Example of anonymous questions in the Dory app

Dory encourages everyone to interact. Shy participants are free to post, and sensitive questions can be added without revealing who asked them.

Keep your events private by limiting who can attend your event.

Easy to access

Example of easy access to your event by QR code in the Dory app

Whether you are hosting a live or virtual event, Dory improves all types of gatherings.

Project your event’s unique QR code to make it easy for anyone to access your event.

Power every meeting with real-time Q&A and live audience polls
Build stronger teams by allowing everyone to share ideas, be heard and feel valued.
Give your audience a platform to speak their mind and ask smart questions.
Increase audience engagement and gain valuable feedback with live Q&A and voting.
Turn virtual meetings into vibrant discussions by enabling listeners to actively contribute to the topic.
Top companies get the most out of their meetings with Dory

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